Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Many Faces Of Charlie

If you want to read the OFFICIAL Pioneer Woman/ranch post, go here:

So I may have mentioned that I fell in love with Charlie the Basset Hound while I was visiting Ree's ranch.  He was so sweet! Of course, he basically could have cared less that I (or anyone for that matter) was there. Sleep seemed to be one of his main objectives.  Even once in a while, he would get up and move to a new sleeping spot.

Stop touching my ear

Enough already

I think he was trying to get away from me and my camera

I'll do whatever you want as long as you keep scratching my belly

Please stop taking my picture

Sleeping on the hardwood

Sleeping on the rug

Sleeping in the grass

Occasionally he posed for pictures
(and signed autographs)

I promise I was not the one who put the hat and sunglasses on Charlie

Let's go home!
I really enjoyed visiting with Charlie, but alas, I had to leave him in Oklahoma.

This post hereby ends the Pioneer Woman picture posts.  Beach pictures coming soon!

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