Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Roll That Beautiful Bean Footage

We had an opportunity to tour the Bush's Beans Visitor Center recently.  On our way to Pigeon Forge, we often drive by the large plant, but we had never stopped at the new Visitor Center in Chestnut Hill, TN.  After meeting some new friends from Bush's Beans on our trip to Oklahoma, we were extra excited to check  it out.  Let me just tell you, Bush's Beans doesn't do anything half way.  The Visitor Center has a beautiful general store, an amazing museum that details the history of the company, and a yummy family cafe.  We met one of the store managers, Ricki.  She was so sweet and made our visit even more enjoyable.

Brian with the Bush's truck

The entrance

I had my picture taken with Duke and Jay

The Secret Family Recipe Book behind glass!  Ha!

Just one little bit of the huge museum

Inside the general store

The Bush's Beans Visitor Center

Bush's Beans plant

Menu at the cafe

Notice the Pinto Bean Pecan Pie ~ we didn't try it this time, but I heard it is really good!

Everybody gets the "Bean of the Day" to taste

Brian's bbq sandwich was very good
We were so glad we got to stop by and really had a wonderful visit there!

P.S. I really think if I could just have five minutes with Duke, I could convince him to tell me that secret recipe!

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