Friday, June 29, 2012

A Warning For Potential Thieves

Last night, I made Stuffed Shells for dinner.  They were delicious, if
I do say so myself! Ha!

Most people already have a similar recipe, but let me know if you want it.

Have mercy!
 Nana came to eat with us, and she was sporting this spiffy shirt.  It says, "What happens at Nana's house, stays at Nana's house". Oh, she is a funny one, that Nana!
Nana with the babies
  Today, we met our friends Wendy and Makena at Chik-fil-a for lunch and some playing.
Parker, Makena & Claire
Then we went to see Madagascar 3.
 It was a pretty cute movie.
Watching the movie
 I had to stop by the mall for a few minutes.  Of course, Claire found an accessory.
 Parker is never one to be left out.
Tonight we are packing because we have a very special vacation coming up! One of my favorite places in the world ~ MYRTLE BEACH!  This little fellow wants to go with us...
I can't go because I have to stay here and protect the house.
I am vicious, just so you know.
If you or someone you know and love are involved in a band of thieves, please read the following:

*** I usually don't publicize that we are going to be out of town, but I am this time because I want to post pictures from our trip throughout the week.  Our house will be occupied the entire time we are away by house sitters, an alarm system, and a very vicious dog.  Also, we have nothing valuable at all, except the vicious dog.  So don't even think about it!

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