Thursday, June 14, 2012

I Rode A Horse, Y'all

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There was a lot of talk about horse riding before we went to Oklahoma.  Ree kept saying we would ride horses, but I just kept telling myself that we probably wouldn't have time.  I really doubted it would really happen.  Well...

It happened.

A lot of folks standing around looking at horses
Of course, it was totally optional, but how could I pass up a chance to ride a horse.  Let me remind you that this was no ordinary horse. It was on of Ree's horses, on Ree's ranch.  So of course I had to ride!
Brian and I standing beside a fine horse who was praying we didn't choose him

"Please don't pick me"

Not their best angle

Ladd giving us horse riding instruction

"Oh, don't mind me...I'm just over here eating.  I'm not really in the mood for a ride right now."

Getting all saddled up
A natural born cowboy

Riding around the ranch
It should be noted that I took these pictures while riding the horse.  It's a wonder I didn't fall off.
Giddy up!
My view
(The top of Ol' Yellar's head)

Miles and miles of land

A guest house on the ranch

Barns on the ranch

Cowboy Josh's house

We made it back alive

It was such a fun adventure!

More pictures tomorrow....

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