Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Arriving At The Ranch

If you want to read the OFFICIAL Pioneer Woman/Visit to the ranch post go here!

Our trip to Pioneer Woman's ranch was wonderful! Here are some pictures from the day we arrived in Oklahoma.

At the airport

Rick the cameraman filming us in the car on the way to the ranch

Michelle, our driver/producer 

Shame on her...texting and driving! Ha!

I told you I took random pictures in Ree's little town

Random building

Entrance to the ranch

The winners and their guests at the sign

I took a picture of one of the cameramen filming me

And the cameramen filming each other

Ree's ranch has 3,400 wild horses that they contract with the U.S. government to take care of ~ they were so beautiful!

Hello Darlin'

Official Welcoming Committee

Fake cow to practice roping

Gorgeous flowers at the lodge

Entrance to the lodge

Deck at the lodge

Henry (on of the guests) roping

Brian and the big grill
Riding the fake cow

Ree peeping out the door

Ree greeting the guests
Come back tomorrow for more pictures! Up next, the inside of the lodge...

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