Saturday, June 23, 2012

Max's 2nd Birthday

Yesterday was Max's 2nd birthday.  He is such a special part of our family, so of course, we had to have a party!  Claire and I made a yummy Butterfinger cake. Unfortunately, he couldn't have any since it was chocolate.

Me with the Birthday Boy! Look how handsome he is!

Nana and Max

Tyler and Nana were such good sports to wear the birthday tiaras all through dinner

Megan, also a good sport, with Brian and Claire

Megan and Me



Max with the family birthday plate

Since he couldn't eat the Butterfinger cake, he had a special birthday cupcake just for him!

Opening presents

A brand new bone!

When Nana started acting like this we knew the party was over! Just kidding!

We had a fun time celebrating our sweet Max! Thankful for some family who will come to a dog's birthday party and go along with all of my silliness.  Happy Birthday Max, The Furry Murray!

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Unknown said...

One of the best pics of nana!!